The Betterfly Effect

The only positive butterfly effect; we transform your healthy habits into social impact and financial protection.

Small Changes, Big Transformations


We believe small actions sustain great transformations and continuously impact our planet.

Your good habits:

Plant a tree

Fight climate change and help farmers regenerate their lands.

Feed a child

Help to end malnutrition in Chile, Venezuela and Haiti.

Provide safe drinking water

Safe drinking water is a basic need. Help deliver it to those in need of it.

Increase your financial protection

Improve your life insurance coverage as you register your good habits.

Improve your wellbeing

Its the small habits, sustained over time, that improve life quality expectancy.


We provided more than 400 million dollars worth of financial coverage. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to protect the ones they love, and to live a life free from financial stress.



Purpose is our True North. What about yours?


100,000+ trees planted


49,219 lts. of safe drinking water distributed


2,053,800 meals provided

Impact Partners


Wellbeing for team members, families and local communities.

happy team members 30,000 happy team members

are equivalent to: All of "Puerto Aysén"… in a good mood

businesses transformed 205 businesses transformed

is more than: 100 Years of Solitude by García Marquez

meditation minutes 2,935,973 meditation minutes

are equivalent to: 24,466 Netflix movies that weren’t watched

registered activities
5,441,515 registered activities

are equivalent to: 56 NBA seasons, registered by each player

steps taken 30.5 billons steps taken

are equivalent to: 581 trips around the world

burned calories 2.12 billons burned calories

are equivalent to: all the Big Macs sold in the world during a whole week

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