The following document describes the Privacy Policy of BETTERFLY CHILE SpA (hereinafter Betterfly), with relation to the collection, use, and protection of the information given by the users who access its Internet platform, applications and other products (hereinafter the Service).

When using our Service, the user understands and accepts that the platform involves the publication of images, comments, usernames and other public materials, which may be searched, seen, used and shared by other users.

No provision stipulated in this instrument may be interpreted as contradicting the norms in Article 19 No. 4 of the Republic of Chile’s Constitution and Law No. 19,628 on the Protection of Personal Data. Should any of the conditions set forth in this privacy policy breach applicable law, it shall be understood as null and void for all legal purposes and the remaining terms and conditions found in this privacy policy will remain with full force and effect.

USER CONSENT. Upon accessing or using the Service in any way whatsoever, it is understood that the user gives his/her explicit consent to the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into and is an integral part of the terms and conditions of this Service.

The user explicitly accepts the treatment of his/her personal data, in agreement with this Privacy Policy. Consequently, the user’s personal information may be processed and stored, both in Chile and in other countries. Without detriment to the preceding, his/her personal information may not be used or disclosed for any purpose without the user’s consent, or for purposes not allowed by applicable law.

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION. PERSONAL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE USER. Betterfly is entitled to collect all the personal information provided by the user through the Webpage, Apps, and others products including, but not limited to, the user’s name, date of birth, gender and other demographic information; electronic mail addresses and passwords; the profile information provided by the user, the contents uploaded by the user, and the communications that take place between the user and Betterfly.

PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM OTHER SOURCES. Betterfly shall be entitled to receive personal information on the user coming from other sources, such as Internet sites associated with this Webpage, and from companies that have subscribed cooperation agreements with Betterfly, or other third parties, and this information may be collected, treated and associated with the personal information given by the user to this Webpage.

ELECTRONIC MAIL ADDRESSES. Betterfly is authorized to collect the user’s electronic mail address and to use and show his/her full name for the notices given to the user and third parties.

Betterfly may also use his/her electronic mail address to communicate with the user, for purposes such as notices and the provision of information related to the Webpage, Apps and other products.

INFORMATION COLLECTED THROUGH TECHNOLOGICAL MEANS. Betterfly uses diverse technological methods to gather and store information on its users, such as IP addresses, type of Internet browser and operating system used. Betterfly might also use cookies and other technological tools to collect information on the user’s visit date and time, and the information seen at the Service, including the visited ads.

INFORMATION USE AND DISCLOSURE. In general, the personal information provided by the user will be used to improve user experience, with a better adaptation of the Service’s features and performance, to inspire users to live a healthier lifestyle, give support to potential issues the user may have and to offer additional information and special offers from Betterfly’s partners and advertisers.

As an example, user personal information gathered by the Service is used to allow Service access to the user, once he/she has registered in the same, in order to remind information and promote a more efficient user experience; to deliver personalized content to the user, including advertisements and special offers; to develop new services and features; to diagnose Service problems, among others.

Betterfly will be entitled to provide its users’ personal information to suppliers who render services to Betterfly, to provide some of the services and features available in the Service, and to facilitate a good communication with users, including sending electronic mail, data analyses, marketing assistance, payment processing, and customer service. Betterfly suppliers may utilize said information only with relation to the provision of services delivered to Betterfly.

Betterfly may share the information given by the user with Betterfly’s subsidiary or associated companies, which must observe the security configuration set by the user. Betterfly may use a part of the information provided by the user and anonymously share it with third parties, and, in addition Betterfly may combine said information with other information, in such a way that it may not be linked to the user.

Betterfly will be entitled to disclose its users’ personal information when this is necessary to comply with a legal or court order imposed on Betterfly, including the protection and defense of its own or third parties’ rights.

DISCLOSURE BY THE USER. Any information content voluntarily revealed by the user in the Service will become available to the public, following the privacy preferences set by the user. In order to modify said preferences, the user must modify them himself/herself in the security preferences section created for his/her account. Once the content has been disclosed, it may be shared by others.

PRIVACY SELECTIONS. The user will have the means to set his/her privacy preferences in respect of the information contained in his/her user profile. The user will be allowed to eliminate his/her subscriptions to email communications by clicking on the subscription elimination link provided in said communications. This alternative may not be available for communications related to the Service itself, such as those concerning account verification, purchase confirmations, technical and security notices, among others.

Betterfly may keep user contents in its files, including after the account is eliminated or deactivated, for a reasonable period of time, for audit, archive, and backup purposes, among others. Neither way, the user can request his right to be forgotten and we will erase all his personal data.

You can submit an application using the following methods:

  • By sending us an e-mail to:

STORAGE AND SECURITY. User information gathered through the Service may be stored in Chile and in any other territory where Betterfly and its associated companies have facilities. This information may be processed and moved to other countries or territories worldwide.

Betterfly is committed to protect our users’ security and information. Betterfly is constantly reviewing its systems and data to guarantee the best possible client services. Any attack on its systems, or to the data in them, shall be investigated in order to pursue or initiate the pertinent civil and criminal actions.

PRIVACY POLICIES OF OTHER SITES. Betterfly takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of Websites managed by third parties, who may have some kind of relationship with the Service. The user is advised to inform him/her about the privacy policies of said sites, and not to use them if he/she disagrees with them.

USER PASSING AWAY. Should a user pass away, please contact us, through the electronic mailboxes available in our Service, in order to take the necessary measures.

NOTICE OF CHANGES. Betterfly reserves for itself the right to change its privacy policy terms and conditions from time to time, as deemed suitable. Continued use of the Website shall mean the acceptance of any kind of adjustment to these terms and conditions.